Effective Teaching Tips for Mathematics

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Have you been struggling when teaching your math’s students? If yes you don’t have to worry anymore. Several tips have been put together by experienced teachers and tutors that can help you. These tips include the following:

Discouraging negative remarks

There are some remarks that might frustrate your students, and they should always be avoided. You are advised to acknowledge their hate for math, anger, and frustrations. This is something that you should never forget. Students should be given an opportunity of expressing their opinions and history in maths. This will help you in understanding their frustrations and why they hate mathematics. Their fears and anger should also be validated. Those who hate maths should be encouraged. This can assist them in overcoming their issues.

Using good handwriting and board etiquette

Make an effort of knowing your student’s body. Get to know how they write the different symbols and numbers especially if they are from different culture or nationality. You will realize that some will write the division signs without a horizontal bath while other will write it with a bar.chalk board


Using colours

This can be done easily with a whiteboard. It might not be possible to use different colours with the chalkboards. The colours chosen should be used carefully. Such colours can be differentiated and seen easily even by those students who are sited at the back of the class. Some tutors use them for illustrating the thinking process and showing their work extensively. Variable and colours that are confused by students should also be differentiated with colours.

Creating an interactive and safe environment

Avoid calling on students. You should ensure that your maths students are comfortable and safe. Some of them might get nervous once you start calling them by their names. Those who don’t understand the concept being taught should be asked questions to know where they are stuck. This will make them feel less intimidated. Again, this will help in raising their comfort level. Engaging your students is the best way of creating a safe and an interactive environment.students class

Validating what the students say

Once they give answers, you should ask them to explain how they arrived at them. This will help you in knowing their weak areas. It will also give you an opportunity of knowing how they are thinking. This will, in turn, help you in adjusting your teaching accordingly.

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